In celebration of International Women’s Day, here are my picks of five super talented Singaporean female musicians to listen to

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Since its International Women’s Day, my wife suggested that I survey and write about local lady musicians. And, boy, did I learn very quickly what I’ve been missing. These ladies are making some really wicked beats. So, move aside Lady Gaga, TWICE, and Ariana Grande, here’s to discovering and/or revisiting Singapore music:

1. Annette Lee

Annette is probably best known for her comedic appearances on SGAG videos. I kind of knew she also made music, but it was not till I watched her at ‘Celebration of Hope’ in 2019 did I understand how good she is. Here’s the latest from multi-talent singer-songwriter (check out more on Spotify):

2. Jasmine Sokko

Jasmine’s enigmatic, masked persona has always kind of bothered me. But, I guess that’s part of her appeal. Of course, that should not take away from her music. I like this 2017 release ‘1057’ ( more on Spotify):

3. Miss Lou

While researching Miss Lou, I found out that she was a participant in Channel 5’s ‘The Final 1’… wait, what? How did I have not heard of this reality TV show! Anyway, Miss Lou has this vintage, jazz songbird persona, which I really like. She reminds me of Olivia Ong, who started out as a jazz singer. Miss Lou recently became the face of one of Lazada’s 2020 campaigns. Check out the video and listen to her on Spotify:

4. Olivia Ong

I remember her from her 2005 solo debut ‘A Girl Meets Bossa Nova’. But her career in music stretches even beyond that, when she was part of a J-pop group. Olivia has all the makings of a star: the looks, the voice, and the poise. She’s like the Teresa Teng of Singapore, if I may say so (Listen to Olivia on Spotify):

5. Sam Rui

Sam has this uniquely high-pitched, almost whistle-ly (?) quality to her vocals. She sort of reminds me of Corinne Bailey Rae, the grungier version. Watch this 2016 video of the song ‘Better’ and check out Sam on Spotify:

Special mention to Joanna Dong and Inch Chua. I didn’t talk about veterans such as Stefanie, Kit Chan, and Tanya Chua, because I figured they need no introduction. I’m sure I missed many up-and-coming female Singapore musicians, but I’ll save that for another update.

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VoidDeck Media (VDM) is a digital magazine covering mediapreneurship and the creative community in Singapore: